Frequently Asked Questions

Q: It's not really free, is it?
A: Yes it is (to receive, and for most not-for-profit advertisers).

Q: There must be a catch.
A: No there isn't.

Q: Really?
A: Yes, really. (Click here for comments by other subscribers.)

Q: You'll send me Spam.
A: No we wont. We hate Spam as much as anybody and your email address is safe with us and will never be shared with others. It is stored on a secure database to which only one of our team has access, and you may remove yourself from this at any time using the same form you registered with, at the front of this site. We don't even want to know anything else about you! If you have an obscure email address then even better.

Q: So why do you do it?
A: Because we can! (Volunteers with a vision of a low-cost, self-funding, community project which has proved itself to be both viable and useful over the last 16 years serving Chalfont St Giles.)

Q: So who can supply material for publication?
A: Anyone. See here.

Q: And is there a charge?
A: Most not-for-profit organisations* and events, and small ads (For Sale, Wanted, etc.), are free. For-profit organisations and events will be required to make a small contribution towards our costs.

* at the editor's discretion.

Q: Why have I stopped getting the emails?
A: Sometimes emails get classed as spam by Internet Service Providers and they return the email. If you have stopped getting them your email address has probably been removed from the database. It costs us money to send these out and so there's no point in sending those that will get bounced.